Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back - tentatively

Dec 8, 2010

First - I will address the issue of the new forum. Seemingly I can no longer track views, download my own posts, nor collect comments on my blog. All of these things were comforting when composing in a very very open space, albeit nearly incognito. It makes further authoring - intimidating and I cannot help but consider the tree within a forest. If a blogger posts, but cannot track reads - is she making a difference, impacting, or even being read? Does this even make a sound?

Secondly, I will discuss the return to my core study of Manthropology these last few months. Let me say, in practice - it is quite exhausting. The simplicity remains, but in each of the archetypes there is a complex battle of character needs - none are without requirement, and as adorable as they all are - returning home alone early in an evening, before too many cocktails have orchestrated an evening's continuance - is occasionally (if not frequently) essential.

I have returned to the excavation of what makes men and women tick together This time in a less observant and more experiential place. I am hesitant to expound tonight - as my head is full of thoughts, and distracted by ringing phones, pinging texts, and dinging emails - but I am looking into men again - what makes them tick and how we as women might choose to like a certain specimen for more than the hours of 11 -7.

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