Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 8 - Abandoning the little girl (Listen but don't break)

Oct 18, 2010

Learning to take things far less personally is essential to growing up. I have been in a particularly sensitive place and have allowed others' thoughts, reactions, ideas, and opinions to cut deeply into my soul these last few months. I have always been curious about how others might perceive me and that curiosity has left me an open book, easily read and readily manipulated.

I work in a world of manipulation, ego, altercation, and control. The very act of dominating with disrespect can brew success, if only for a while for the executives who run my industry. I am personally never slated to be that kind of leader, my true nature will not allow me to be so cruel. I am willing to acknowledge that I need to work with these colleagues while protecting myself from their manipulative tentacles.

Abandoning the little girl may very well mean acknowledging that she is there and respecting her in my core. I am grateful for the kindness and empathy I will bring to every situation, my sensitivities and emotions are integral. Protecting the little girl inside so she does not fall victim to the predators surrounding, and remembering her legacy so she does not die entirely inside becomes my real task.

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