Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 21 - Abandoning the little girl (Halloween)

Oct 31, 2010

On days like today, people often consider the purpose of the holiday for adults as - "Girls dressing slutty day" and the truth is, we are all seeking just the chance for a night to be a character we fantasize about. So when all of us women run around half naked dressed as sexy princess cats, naughty witches, burlesque dancers, nurses, or superheros, it's not so different then when we were little girls. We used to want to be a princess because it meant a fairytale, now we want to be a naughty princess, because it's means a hot fairytale.

Yes, we like different candy now - in the forms of cocktails and digits, and trick or treat may have a different meaning - and yep you can kiss me tonight because tomorrow I'm off limits again. At its most basic level, we women who have had to take on roles of dominance, control, expertise, money maker and bear these new roles concurrently with the traditional ones of care taker, pretty date, homemaker, mother, girlfriend or wife, are stripping away who we have to be day in day out and trying on, just for a night, a little less clothing, a lot more freedom, the chance to just be wanted for being hot, and taking a moment to let our inner vixen free.

Don't worry, we'll button back up for work on Monday. But we'll have a little spring to our step and a fond memory of simply being sexy and escaping for a just a night.

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