Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 18 - Abandoning the little girl (Faith in Psychics)

 Oct 28, 2010

So I called a psychic network today. Not because I was in dire need of spending hundreds of dollars on the opinion of a random ironing bored sorority house-mother, but because a friend of mine runs a psychic network and set me up with a free trial.

In 24 minutes, my new psychic friend Marin identified that I was an ocean lover who should spend more time diving, should enjoy a few non-committed romances and no strings attached affairs, that in the next two years and three months I would be ready for a substantial career change or move, and that I was about to earn more money then I'd ever imagined. Generally speaking - a pretty delicious forecast.

What was compelling though was that when I asked if she thought I'd ever have children, she said that somehow the spirit of a strong playful energetic and competent little girl was coming through. There is a one to one relationship between me and this little girl who's feet were always covered in sand. She said that usually something coming through this strong might indicate a death or a miscarriage, but instead it seemed that this particular little girl is getting stronger by the day and in the next few years she will become part of my life.

Huh - how about that?

2:34 PM

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