Friday, September 25, 2009

change of exotic

Sep 25, 2009
the white phaelaenopsis has grown ordinary 
and flowers best in the artificial light of an office 
bearing no scent or inspiration except 
perhaps the pattern of its shadow.

the california hibiscus
on a south west facing corner perfumes 
in tropical honor bursting an orange 
and red illumination 
and remains an extraordinary 

Monday, September 21, 2009

painted wings

Sep 21, 2009
are you awake and alive?
do you hear the palpitations of my coronary?
i cannot take another call, another utterance. 
it is a sturdy painful ringing that reminds of a life less ordinary.

decades go by and pain grows like lilies then subsides.
a season passes in joy and melancholy, traditions continue
the ache of a bitten tongue this anger chides.

the calendar is a perfect mirror of a ridiculed inspiration
a desire to flight with wings that rest heavy
i shall soar, i can't fly  - it's you who tie me down
no matter the love or said dedication

these choices select the path of my arrow
fly straight fly angry and thus choose the flight
so very narrow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

permission granted

Sep 2, 2009
take me now as i choose to be taken.
this is not a debate of physics or morals
but instead of simple chemistry.
I plus you equals dynamic attraction.
a passionate adventure in erotic satisfaction.

don't hold back and blame a higher social authority.
your eyes search answers in mine
and I instead reflect your curious desire.
not so unexpected is the pairing we make
my curving form is here for you to take.

do not wait again to embrace this sensual moment. 
unnecessary is restraint and your careful hand
hovers just beyond reach daring to touch. 
i am certain this hunger is not mine alone
i've seen your desire through rigid stone. 

changing lanes

Sep 2, 2009
there is a two way avenue on which every marriage must meet

a complicated exchange of parallel lanes on a midnight street

but when one partner chooses to leave his car in park

the pain that echoes is damp, cold, harsh and stark

a husband that oddly will not perform

a pain of passion that leaves one lorn.

his lack of horsepower and rigidity is an unmapped surprise

passionate love making he stoutly denies.

And how does he expect she might respond?

A lonely lover, she must drive on.