Sunday, August 30, 2009

often aught not utter thoughts

Aug 30, 2009
gone are the days of love letters and gentle romance.

farewell to the nights of easy happenstance.

a simple hope a searching mouse

love hath lost out in choice and spouse.

like the tethered strumming of a classic jazz beat

new memory chills it's hungry heat.

Piano sonata no 14, Moonlight Adagio, Beethoven

Aug 30, 2009
Gentle repetition like waves of memory and prospect, the sonata beckons my heart. 

I make love to Beethoven whilst he makes love to a rhythm i cannot bear.

The truth is I imagine another and for that I am not ashamed. 
Perhaps the discordant rhythm of our patterns is not his fault but in truth 
my own beating drum.

Who are you and how did you trumpet your way into my bedroom and into my head?
 Who would you be if I knew you fully? 
Would I choose him instead?

Not alone in this constant quest, women and men before have long felt this tremor. 
A love, a loss, a yearning.

and Beethoven strums his measure. 

Saturday, August 8, 2009

redundant memory

Oct 8, 2009
who on earth are you and why,

why do i bite my own cheek to feel something

something that tasted sweet, strong and so goddamn familiar?

i seek your voice, your deep echo that calls out my hungry soul

you mean nothing and within a year or two you will be a faded memory

memory of ill begotten passion and useless indulgent friendship

friendship mutual, passion one sided, my seductive reasoning

made for one streamlined exchange of sensuality

an opportunity i should regret but do not

who on earth are you and why?