Tuesday, December 16, 2014

To write about life in the brightness of ocean breezes with a hummingbird at your window is simply obnoxious.....

Oh to write once more, how I scrape at my comforted soul to find the angst of story. But I am unfortunately quite pleased.

Is it only in the darkness that poetry can be written and have joy and love taken away the ability to write? I miss that author, that story teller, that mountain climbing woman with a cross to bear, because she could move with words. Her struggle inspired others. Her willingness to keep climbing, to keep sharing, to keep believing was remarkable. I miss the nights of writing and pouring out my soul for others in an effort to self interpret. I see a reflection of that soul and I love her. 

Now, I sit in my beautiful home, at a perfectly appointed writer's desk, with an inspirational altar attended by Ganesha, Kwan Yin, Lakshmi and Saint Francis, and am lifted by ocean breezes. I admire a picture of the man that loves me as I love him, and feel the twinkle of a gorgeous nine foot Christmas tree that one of my darling soon to be step daughters called "catalog perfect" while a hummingbird visits my magenta December blooming geranium and I think, you have nothing to write about anymore. 

It is a confusing paradox for the writer. I am calm. I am comforted. I am happy. I want to revisit the story of my past and evolve the chapters into a tale for more to read, but walking down that memoir's lane is foggy and seems disrespectful of my present. I wonder if perhaps, I am no longer entitled to that struggle.

And so I start again.... writing with questions - for the purpose of discovering more questions - because I have no idea what answers I am seeking, and even though I am quite pleased, I am still on a journey and must keep climbing. 


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free To

I am free to create and free to explore.
I am free to destroy and free to restore.

Given this life, grateful ever again
I will give and I will love and both I shall send.

With grace and serenity, I wear my colors red white and blue
In love and gentility, I share my freedom with you

With each day I break a stone barrier glass ceiling
and yet I stare at my left hand without that old ring.

The encumbrance of freedom means I can enjoy
the adventure and passion of a life undestroyed.

Renewed, reviewed, rethought and re-seen,
I accept the onus of what freedom means. 

Summers McKay

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Type of Woman & The Type of Man

Sometimes the curves are more than I can face in a public way. Sometimes I feel more intensely than playful prose will allow.

There is no reason we should be a pair,
nor any sense to the cadence of our friendship,
but for a night - a few nights - we were kind to one another.
Passionate, gentle, loving
and kind.

I have never known kind.
And I am not sure what makes for forever,
but I know compared
to what made for my past,
you are better.

And gently, with no obligation
I love you.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

And yet again, I dive into a fountain of pennies

Diving knuckles first into a jar 
of generic peanut butter with a spoon,
 I call it dinner,

and I am spent.

Every last dollar of emotion has been paid
 into a week of writing, creating, believing

that pennies of words might turn to gold.

For a moment, I started to fall for a new beau 
and he played the role of temporary muse,

because that is what I know.

But he was as broken as I once was, 
a distraction, attraction, and a way to feel
something strong.

Yet I am determined,
this time story telling
will pay.

I will collect.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fearlessness of Waves

Tonight I thought of waves
and how they call out
patterns of the heart

sometimes quiet and then
suddenly passionate
rolling in sets
unexpected pounding on sand
that might prefer to be ignored.

an ocean dark and salty
sends forth
a simple wave that commits
to rushing to the shore
and with courage it bends

and hopes the land
might welcome its curl.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: I can not control all fairy tales.

We are all but players in each other's stories and tonight - more so than ever, of this - I am aware.

There is a villain in my story, a tall and cold selfish villain of a man who stole from me and gave nothing in return who found a vicious witch upon my demise. She took, she crooked, she broke what I crafted and lovingly scripted. She destroyed with one lethal kiss a story I'd spent a decade building and painfully lost. She took from me all grace.

I am the intrepid princess, determined to do right over wrong and give without remorse and create without restraint, I am my own hero. Because in my story - what else might I be?

And yet - in their eyes, I am the villain. The cold, the aggressive, the ungiving. The one who rejected Prince Charming and dismayed his righteous journey. To him, I am flawed, dramatic and unworthy of his triumph. To her - the burden he had to bear on his journey into her arms. He was trapped and she freed him. No matter my story, it is theirs which prevails. I am their villain.

And she, the conniving and ungraceful villain of my story, is simply a princess who after a long journey of lonely pain has finally found the prince charming of her own fairy tale.

So to this I shall resign my own art of words. Two tales of three villains, two princesses, and one prince. It is simply the mirror through which we look to find the story's reflection.

To recognize the characters we play in the story of others is essential, but most importantly to be pleased with the character we play in our own, is the only happily ever after.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving for Friendship

I am grateful for friendship
in all its evolutions,
and believing that tomorrow
might be better than today.

Yet if it is not
and today is all I’ve got
then thank you for the times we have had.

Thank you for the loves I’ve loved
and the life I’ve lived,
the stories I’ve heard,
the adventures you've shared,
and the tales we have told.

I am honored.

Thank you to all
who have laid the cobblestones
upon the road I’ve journeyed,
and mortared the bricks in my creative foundation.

 It is this richness and strength
that you have brought to my wanderings
for which I am most grateful.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I don't know platonic

There are words in my vocabulary, that I've never really understood.

Yesterday, I spent a few minutes, a gas station re-fill in the chilly rain, wrapped up platonically - cold but arms wrapped, held - sweet. Two hearts inches apart, and yes - just friends. Like you imagine.

But let's be honest.

Without connection, there is no reason to spend time in tandem.

With connection, I am simply not platonic
because for a moment, you saw me
and nobody else ever actually does.

And perhaps I am not lucid, or you might think I am a bit batty - and I've never asked

What's your version of this? What do you imagine might not be awkward?

Because I've never asked. What do you expect?

What do we do the next time we cross paths?

And how do you understand this word


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Naked with Chanel No: 5 - On friendship

You found me inspiring
That's what I saw in you

You found me amazing
I was amazed by you

You seek my friendship
I want more

And simply put
after hours of thought
there's nothing less
that works for me.

Grateful for my caring nature
respectful of my honesty,
at ease,
and trusting.

Those kindnesses don't grow with 
just my friendship.
It is not for all to acquire.
They are not offered in the instance of mere 

They come from more
and I want more
and with less 
we are limited.

To you
I cannot expend
the emotion.

I have been here before.

And for that,
I am
on this occasion
infinitely strong.

Sunday, November 6, 2011